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  • Planning, Preparation and Assessment (PPA) Workshops afford teachers time to constructively develop their class preparation, within the School timetable.


  • Independent tutors are invited to the schools to partake in regular weekly classes. physical education is regarded with great importance in Schools, as this may be the only time constructive exercise is experienced by the pupils.


  • Valor Combat Systems provides an opportunity to learn Martial Arts within PPA Workshops, as well as during After-School Clubs. Tuition is provided from the age of 4 years upwards, inclusive of various abilities including limited mobility, for example wheelchair users. All of our Coaches (Sensei) are fully insured, first aid trained and hold Enhanced DBS disclosures.


  • The pupils will learn a hybrid Martial Arts programme incorporating: -


  • Learning how to fall safely - a ‘break fall’ is designed to re-distribute the energy of a fall over a larger surface area, thus minimizing possible injuries.

  • Controlled striking – learning a variety of punching combinations and kicks to pads.

  • Escort holds and restraint.


  • Assessments on each pupil’s progress are provided for Schools at the end of each Half Term.


  • Our Workshops are taught in a fun, modern, progressive way, teaching self-defence along with building personal development in confidence, self-control, determination, perseverance and self-esteem. All students are taught respect which is considered a core value and are expected to demonstrate this to both their Sensei (Club Coach) and peers. Martial Arts provides self-discipline with clear structure and rules to instil good values.


  • Competitive activities within our Workshops, teach children to allow others to take their turn, see things from other points of view and accept sometimes that failure is unavoidable – a format to build a stronger character for education, work and future life.


  • Techniques are broken down into small stages to help the student learn gradually. Repetition of movements aid fluidity, understanding, spatial awareness and co-ordination. Emphasis on self-control and concentration is taught to help the students maintain focus with their partner (uke) – resulting in improved teamwork and socialisation skills. The added bonus is for pupils to enjoy more exercise!


Valor Combat Systems ran some PPA workshops at Longlands Community Primary School in Market Drayton which were organised and well planned that ensured the pupils have had enjoyable sessions. We also have had Valor Ju Jitsu classes that ran weekly as an After- School Club, which were always a popular choice with our children. 

Mrs Zillah Cope,


Longlands Community Primary School,

Market Drayton,

Marches Academy Trust.

Sensei Reece Phillips of Valor Combat Systems has worked at St Mary’s CE Primary School for over 14 years. He has run an Valor Ju Jitsu After-School Club and more recently delivered Martial Arts Workshops as part of our School Curriculum.


The children are always extremely enthusiastic when they know it’s their class that has the Half Term with Sensei Reece. He is able to tailor the sessions to meet the needs of children from Reception to Year 6 ages. He is reliable and never misses a session.


The children make great progress, often using the discipline that he teaches as part of Valor Ju Jitsu in their own School work. Many children attend his evening Clubs as a result of his sessions in School.


We couldn’t recommend Sensei Reece Phillips and Valor Combat Systems highly enough, especially if you are looking to try a different sport within your curriculum.   


Mr Guy Verling,


St. Mary's CE Primary School,



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